How can you generate income through IEOs?

Generating income through ICOs would require extensive reading and homework before heading towards investments. Firstly, you’d need to look at the portfolio of the franchise and asses their digital success. You need to know what they are offering and the relevancy of such assets on the market. Remember, all crypto companies are after capital!

IEOs are apparently the most profitable for the sites they are being hosted on. Exchanges try to filter out the best possible IEO’s that look credible and more likely to reach its target. Customers buying IEO tokens by using their exchange currency may be able to get discounts. It would also mean that more users will now both be able to hold and buy such crypto assets. Numerically speaking, that weighs in as compensation.


How to buy and sell IEOs?

You may want to start by thoroughly reading what the campaigns are offering. For most investors, IEO would seem to be a more conservative way of investing in a token sale, but the tables can be turned at any given moment. The investors can buy through the exchange platform of their choice, and the entire transaction can be processed on that platform. They can then see the listings of the IEO tokens on the exchanges and can trade or exchange their tokens for other currencies. The investors will also be provided with a wallet service to help them make the most of their trading with the tokens received.


In spite of being promising, IEO’s have been lackluster, even though IEOs are well regulated, unlike ICO’s. However, there are limitations in token numbers since they sell out faster and usually within a matter of minutes. Since other projects lag behind, IEO’s will hold financial success for years to come.

How do IEOs work?

IEOs are quite simple for traders and investors. Unlike ICO, you wouldn’t have to invest and go through a tedious process of finding the right ICO for investing. However, with IEO, investors are already registered with the exchange platform they signed a deal with. To participate, you’d just need to log in to these sites and buy the token.

With IEO, most sites have a payment type which is accepted, usually tokens from ICOs. However, there is a catch to this entire process; the tokens offered in ICOs are likely to get sold under seconds or minutes. So, this would mean that token numbers are limited. There have been instances when these platforms had to go down due to excessive traffic. Even though these sites are prepared for high volumes of traffic, they can’t always handle the influx at one time.


What are IEO’s?

IEO or Initial Exchange Offering is fundamentally similar to ICOs except the former is run by an exchange platform which acts as an intermediary for the sales. They have gained prominence, especially amongst the various media outlets following the token sale by BitTorrent on Binance. That campaign hosted by BitTorrent raised around 7.2$ million in just about 18 minutes, whereas Fetch.AI raised capital of 6$ million in approximately 22 seconds. They both launched on Binance, and unlike ICO, IEO plays the likely role of being influential and potentially improving the rate of success.

IEOs are essentially agreements between exchanges and project managers surrounding the initial placement of their franchise token on the platform. IEOs are more reliable when it comes to token offering. These exchanges whom they have partnered with assessing and analyzing the prospects of these projects before the campaign through technical analysis, audits, and the potential these tokens hold. They are also responsible for managing the entire process via their platform. There are similar parameters like that of ICOs, which are also implemented for IEO such as stationary pricing, supply, hard and soft caps.