Bitcoin Mining is a decentralize computational process of verifying transactions and adding them to the public ledger. This method is very important to the digital currency network. It helps to prevent users from re-spending coins that have already been used elsewhere. The public ledger can also be referred to as the blockchain, which is a method of releasing new bitcoins.

Another purpose of bitcoin mining is that it creates new bitcoins in each block, thereby keeps the digital currency up and running at all time. The next questions that follow are: Who can participate in bitcoin mining and what is required?

Interestingly, anyone with access to the internet and a tangible hardware can take part in mining. So, basically, you can participate in bitcoin mining from home. The process involves putting together new transactions into blocks and solving a puzzle. There is a reward for each difficult puzzle that you solve. Part of the reward comes from the transaction fees of the transactions compiled in the block.

Bitcoin Mining from home is very profitable and it affords you the opportunity to accumulate more bitcoins for yourself. You can easily use a mining software from home to get access to the blockchain. The mining software is important for solo miners who wishes to work from home. The work of the software is to deliver your work to the digital currency network and also receive work that has been completed by other miners.

You can use a mining software on your computer at home and it is compatible with Windows 8 and 10. A mining software will also help you monitor your profit to know if your mining is profitable or not.

Now that you understand what bitcoin mining is, you can setup your hardware and software. This money making system will surely help you pay off your daily expenses at home.